Walls Bakery

The Shetland Master Craft Baker

Quality Hand-made Biscuits from the Craft Baker's Oven

About Us

The Beginnings

Founded by John Boland in 1983, the bakery was bought by Charles and Angela Hodge in 1988. At that time the bakery was housed in a converted, church, now a self-catering (Aurora).

With the help of the local council, a new bakery was built in 1992, designed to the latest European hygiene standards by local architect Iain Skinner.

Product output and range subsequently increased, and Charles was able to turn his attention to markets beyond the Shetland Isles. "Shetland Oaties" are now available not only to Scottish outlets, but worldwide.

The Future

Bruce discovered the bakery being listed for sale in August, 2015 when visiting relatives in Walls. The more he learned, both about the existing business and the potential – as well as the possibility of living in Shetland – the more he was convinced of the potential opportunities, and made an offer. The deal was closed on August 4th, 2016.

Initially, Bruce's goal is to have a smooth transition and once he's confident of the operations, can start offering improvements to the product selection and quality.