Walls Bakery

The Shetland Master Craft Baker

Quality Hand-made Biscuits from the Craft Baker's Oven


Other Businesses In Shetland's West Mainland

Jamieson's of Shetland
Wool spinners based in Sandness.
Journeyman Leather
Hand made leather goods from Sandness.
Thordale Carriage Driving Centre
Thordale trains Shetland ponies to drive, either in singles or pairs, at Mid Walls.

Shetland West Mainland Links

Visit.Shetland.org's West Mainland Page
Page from the Visit.Shetland.org site about the West Mainland of Shetland
Shetland Heritage - West Side
Interperative Leaflet about the West Mainland of Shetland

Accommodation in Shetland

Self-Catering Shetland
Self catering accommodation in Shetland
King Harald Apartments
Self catering accommodation in the heart of Lerwick
Busta House Hotel
Luxury hotel set in a former laird's manor
Brudolff Hotel Group
Largest hotel group in Shetland
KGQ Hotels
Lerwick-based hotel group

Shetland Tour Guides

Shetland Otters
Shetland's otter experts guide groups on otter watching tours around Shetland
Shetland Geotours
Geological and landscape tours of the Shetland Islands
Island Trails
Storytelling tours around the lanes of Lerwick and further afield
Seabirds and Seals
Award winning boat tour around Bressay and Noss

Shetland Tourism Links

The official tourism portal of the Shetland Isles.
Island Campers
VW camper vans for rent in Shetland

Getting to Shetland

Daily flights direct to all major Scottish airports
NorthLink Ferries
Car and passenger ferry sailings between Aberdeen, Orkney and Shetland

Views of Shetland

Bobby Tulloch
Website of the famous Shetland naturalist
Hugh Harrop
Leading wildlife photographer
David Gifford
Shetland section of the David Gifford photography website
PhatSheep Photography
Shetland images from a different angle

Trade Associations

Scottish Association of Master Bakers
Leading Trade Association for Bakers in Scotland